Proper Etiquette For Greeting Cards

Proper Etiquette For Greeting Cards

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In the fast-paced society that we live in it can be difficult to discover the customs you need to know regarding greeting cards. There are many simple things that should be done when deciding to pass the cards out and there are some things you should avoid doing as well. Today, we are going to go over the proper etiquette when it comes to greeting cards so that you can get a better idea of how they work.

Signing Your Greeting Cards The Correct Way 

When it comes to signing your card, there is a right way to do so. When the card is from a couple, the woman’s name should always appear first. So if you were signing greeting cards that were being sent from you and your husband to your friends, you would sign the card with your name and then your husbands.

When you are signing cards from an entire family, this order is shifted. The names should appear with the dad’s first, mom’s second, and then the kids last. The kids should be written in order from oldest to youngest. Using groupings such as the Smith Family or John and Mary Smith and Family are still acceptable ways to sign greeting cards

Properly Addressing Your Envelopes 

Take the care to ensure that you address every envelope properly so you can be assured that your recipient is truly pleased for receiving your card. Proper name titles, including Mr., Mrs., and Dr., are customary when addressing greeting cards. When you are sending your card to a married couple, the man’s name should always appear first on the envelope.

This can get a little trick in instances where a couple is not married. In this case, you should use two different lines and include both the first and last name of each person. The same rules apply for using honorifics, such as Dr. You should always intend to place the highest rank on the top line and the other person’s name on the bottom line. Be sure to always use a scripted type font on the address labels and handwrite them out if possible.

Other Etiquette You Should Know 

When you are bulk sending greeting cards it can seem like the best solution is the fastest. The truth is that you should take your time with each and every card to ensure your recipient feels engaged and special that they received one. Always choose stamps for the postage meter as it shows a more personal touch. Be sure to always package the envelope with the front of the card facing the back of the envelope so when the recipient opens the envelope the card will be facing them.

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